Highlighted Solution: Overhead Crane


DIMETIX USA provided a crane position and collision monitoring system for installation on an overhead crane at an auto manufacturing facility in Tennessee. The solution DIMETIX USA provided supports two lasers per controller, has warning, slow, and stop relay outputs, and displays live distance readings on the system controller interface. The system not only provides position and collision monitoring, but also provides multi-axis zone protection along the crane runway.

NOTE: Overhead crane position and collision monitoring technologies should be used to complement, NOT as a substitute for, compliance with industry standard best practices and applicable safety regulations.


Please contact DIMETIX USA by email or by calling 484-212-0636 for pricing, and take a look at our solution in action in our demo video:

Please also visit Laser-View Technologies for more information on the Crane Sentry® family of overhead crane position and collision detection monitoring systems.

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Sku: Mixed parts -- pricing varies with selected options
Manufacturer: Laser-View Technologies
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  • Modes: distance, zone control, or skew
  • Rugged industrial components
  • Class II visible laser for safe use
  • Indoor/outdoor operation
  • Intuitive and economical
  • Up to 500 meter range



  • Materials Handling
    • Overhead Crane Position and Collision Monitoring