Industry Solution: Crane Sentry® Jr


Crane Sentry® Jr: Full-featured overhead crane collision detection at a competitive price


Crane Sentry® Jr by Laser-View Technologies is a competitively priced modular and intuitive laser distance sensor-based overhead crane position and collision detection monitoring system with several available operating modes, including distance minimum/maximum and crane to wall or crane to crane. Just like the original Crane Sentry, Crane Sentry Jr also features a simple, teachable color touch screen display, and is available with a variety of options to ensure compatibility with most industrial working environments. NOTE: Crane Sentry Jr is NOT a crane collision avoidance system. The system should be used to complement, NOT as a substitute for, compliance with industry standard best practices and applicable safety regulations.


  • Complete modular system includes up to 2 lasers
  • Quick aim & set installation, versatile application
  • Intuitive operation, simple troubleshooting
  • Rugged industrial package, low maintenance
  • Non-contact, eye-safe laser measurement
  • High accuracy, long range
  • Indoor/outdoor operation
  • No reflector needed
  • Competitively priced

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Price: $
Sku: Mixed parts -- pricing varies with selected options
Manufacturer: DIMETIX USA
Manufacturer Part No: Mixed parts -- varies with selected options

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  • Modular system—all components included
  • Simple TEACH set point programming
  • Six configurable relay alarm outputs
  • Intuitive color touch screen display
  • Rugged industrial components
  • Class II visible laser for safe use
  • Up to 50 meter range